Yes & No Design Studio

The Dialogue

Socrates: What are your capabilities and know-how?

Yes & No: We are a multidisciplinary studio that does human interface, motion, visual, and interaction design, information architecture, brand strategy, advertising, packaging, print layout, editorial, wayfinding and signage, keynote presentations, copywriting, product photography, quality assurance, concepts, and prototyping.

Socrates: Why should one consult you about their product?

Yes & No: There are two reasons. One, when a person uses and looks at their own work for some amount of time, they naturally develop blind spots. We can help these customers overcome them. Two, most products and services made by startups are design illiterate, derivative cookie-cutter garbage that would tremendously benefit from professional help. Regardless of the type of project, our outside perspective and deep expertise can drastically increase product quality, bring clarity and purpose, identify areas of leverage, or unblock teams to create new momentum.

Timaeus: What’s your ideal project?

Yes & No: First of all, we are interested in ideas at their formative stage — to take them from earliest concept through to launch. Our favorite projects make significant contribution in improving the creative tools and business processes. We like endeavors by original artists working in all creative fields.

Timaeus: And who are your perfect clients?

Yes & No: We love collaborations with those who: understand that we clarify rather than decorate; value quality above all else; aren’t run or dictated by operations; don’t view design as a commodity where one is to cut costs; give no prescriptive feedback; and hate design by comity as much as we do.

Socrates: Where can one find your portfolio?

Yes & No: We cremated all of our previous work, John Baldessari-style. Naturally, it will take us some time to build new body of work. When we do, it will be published on this website.

Thrasymachus: Do you do spec work?

Yes & No: No.

Cephalus: Why do you openly list prices for your services?

Yes & No: If a person can easily know the cost of sending a 17 ton payload to Mars, one should also be able to effortlessly find out the price of goddamn logo, app, or website design. So it made perfect sense to offer a productized service to all of our customers.

Cephalus: Are you interested in profit share or stock compensation?

Yes & No: Yes. For certain projects, that’s even what we prefer. We encourage all founders to drop us an email with partnership offers.

Cephalus: What are the payment terms for regular orders?

Yes & No: Fifty percent upon signing of proposal with the balance invoiced at the half way point, due prior to project completion.

Diotima: What time zone are you in?

Yes & No: Central European Time — UTC+01:00.

Timaeus: What’s your email?

Yes & No: i@ꑮ.com

Timaeus: Where can we find you around the web?

Yes & No: We collected such information on our link list page.

Socrates: And where do you suggest we go from here?

Yes & No: Please explore our three major service offerings: